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Crash - Mind over Mutant PSP

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant PSP, a rejuvenated Neo Cortex is taking over the world one brain at a time! Cortex and N. Brio devise a new kind of evil: a text-messaging, do-anything device that controls both mutant and bandicoot minds. Armed with his quick wits and lightning agility, Crash must free his friends, the titans, and save the day! Gamefaqs

Language: English

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Crash: Mind over Mutant

Box art depicting the game’s protagonist, Crash Bandicoot, fighting off (clockwise from right) a Yuktopus, a Snipe and a Sludge.
Developer(s) Radical Entertainment

Additional work by:[show]
Publisher(s) Activision (North America)
Sierra Entertainment(PAL Regions)
Distributor(s) Activision Blizzard
Producer(s) Kirsten Forbes
Designer(s) Joe McGinn
Programmer(s) Ian Gipson
Artist(s) Yousuf Mapara
Writer(s) Christopher Mitchell
Composer(s) Marc Baril
Series Crash Bandicoot
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Wii,Xbox 360, Nintendo DS,PlayStation Portable
  • NA: October 7, 2008[1]
  • NA: October 21, 2008(PSP)
  • AU: October 29, 2008
  • EU: October 31, 2008[1]
Genre(s) Platform[2]
Mode(s) Single-player,multiplayer

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