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Metal Gear Acid 2 PSP PPSSPP
The first Metal Gear Acid for the PSP added new turn-based gameplay to the Metal Gear franchise, and its sequel brings more of the same. Metal Gear Solid 2 is another hybrid action-battle-card game that lets you play as the highly trained special agent Solid Snake. Metal Gear Acid 2 provides more than 500 battle cards, new characters, a new “Metal Gear,” and a revamped interface. It’s also compatible with the new 3D goggle attachment for the PSP.

Language: English
Console: PSP, Emulator PPSSPP

Metal Gear Acid 2 PSP

Metal Gear Acid 2 PPSSPP

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Game FAQs

Game Info

Metal Gear Acid 2
Developer(s) Kojima Productions
Publisher(s) Konami
Director(s) Shinta Nojiri
Producer(s) Hideo Kojima
Noriaki Okamura
Designer(s) Shinta Nojiri
Artist(s) Tsubasa Masao
Writer(s) Masahiro Yamamoto
Composer(s) Akihiro Honda
Hiroshi Tanabe
Nobuko Toda
Series Metal Gear
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: December 8, 2005
  • NA: March 21, 2006
  • EU: May 19, 2006
Genre(s) Stealth, collectible card game, turn-based tactical
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

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