Dancing Ball! 1.0.5 Apk + Mod Free Shopping for Android

Dancing Ball! 1.0.5 Apk + Mod Free Shopping for Android

Dancing Ball! 1.0.5 Apk + Mod Free Shopping for Android  From the creator of Dancing Line, come the one-touch arcade music game, Dancing Ball! By offering different soundtracks and designs, each level becomes a unique musical journey and challenge! 


– Various levels – each with an atmosphere and choice of original music 
– A rhythm-based game that makes it addictive – listen to the music, tap to avoid obstacles! 
– interesting original soundtrack – find interesting and impressive tones 
– play for challenges or relax – the first level is easy to complete, the next level requires reflexes and skills! 
– Free to play – all levels and challenges are available through ordinary 


Each level is a labyrinth built in front of you. To anticipate what will come and be able to react to surprises and changes, you must listen to the music carefully. The melody rhythm is the key to everything that happens in the game. 

Level is also designed to have your own story. Painted in a different graphic style, these levels allow you to visit and explore various environments. Swim near the seabed, struggle to survive on a tropical island, take a tour of the ancient castle, explore the walls and make sure you don’t hit the floor. Feel the Siberian climate from the Winter level.

The next level, where you have to venture into tunnels full of dangerous lava and caves, will be the ultimate test of your skills and reflexes! With time and practice, you will be able to conquer everything! 


– Ocean – Explore vast underwater habitats filled with colorful marine animals 
– Island – Explore charming tropical islands 
– Castles – Cross the lift bridge and try to destroy the castle 
– Desert – Fight for survival in this sun-exposed environment 
– Lahar – Don’t fall. Remember – the floor is lava! 
– Winter – coming soon! Be careful not to perish in Siberian temperatures
– Gua – Level is tense and fast-paced. Can you get out of the cave? 

Use the reflexes and sensitivity of your music to survive the impossible weirdness! Dancing Ball is a game full of incredible passion, surprise and music! Let you sink in awe! 

The in-game mission system is there to give you challenges, even after you finish all levels. You definitely want to go back and revive that level, because you will get rewards for that!



– Explore the world of dinosaurs in new exciting level : Jurassic!
– Complete the missions, open chests and get more rewards!
Dancing Ball! 1.0.5 Apk + Mod Free Shopping for Android

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