Diggy’s Adventure 1.3.177 Apk for Android

Diggy’s Adventure 1.3.177 Apk for Android

Look for hidden treasures, solve puzzles, fulfill god’s requests, and uncover the greatest mysteries of the past in the game Diggy Adventure. 

Diggy’s Adventure 1.3.177 Apk for Android features:
– 1000+ Puzzles and Puzzles to complete 
– 500+ Labyrinths, Hallways, and Mines to enter 
– 100+ funny characters presented 
– 5 Mythological locations with lots of forgotten treasures 
– Weekly updates with events fun 
– 18 languages ​​that can be used 
– A team that is dedicated and relentless to tempt your brain and challenge your abilities

The biggest adventure game with lots of puzzles. Join the Diggy, Professor, Linda, and Rusty families on their adventures to explore a world filled with ancient civilizations and mysteries. 

There must be no secrets that remain hidden! 
Diggy’s Adventure is a perfect game for everyone, adults, children and families. Get ready for the biggest story ever written with lots of scenes combined through hundreds of things that tempt your brain to think and beautiful locations like Egypt, Scandinavia, China, or Atlantis. Diggy is not only a small miner who is agile, but also an interesting character to spend time together.

Enjoy the creative side of the game – create various items from various materials that can help you dig, build your camp, or decorate it. Increase your camp is vital, because each labyrinth and puzzle requires energy to go through obstacles and proceed to the next location or mine. 

Diggy’s Adventure is also a good alternative in the game of question and answer, physics, and solving puzzles, if you want to try something fresh and challenging. 

Complete puzzles and puzzles to get rewards
Get rewards and XP to increase energy regeneration capabilities or maximize energy capacity by digging through mines and completing search games requested by gods and other characters. Every special event brings updates full of content for you, as well as small improvements to make the game more challenging and fun. 

Fight your brain with a difficult yet fun puzzle about the world that was created. Play Diggy ’s Adventure for free, now! 

Note: An internet connection is needed to play 
Note: Diggy’s Adventure is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased with money. 

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Diggy’s Adventure 1.3.177 Apk for Android

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